the marriage ceremonies with the things they with them. He makes or other programmes of got from their flower vases and pen her relatives or her surroundings. The stand etc with the neighbours* house. teacher also told that empty cans of soft Everyone praises her everyone should take
drinks and coloured a lot for her drawings. part in it. So, Shathi papers. He uses these Not only that Nafisa and all her friends things himself and makes new designs made the frame of the presents to his friends for her own and her wall magazine with as well. His friends sister’s dress. As she the bamboos found in like all these presents makes the designs the garden and then by him, Besides herself, all her dresses made the body of the these, he makes are different to those magazine with the
different kinds of of others. Last year on mat which was left in dolls with ropes and the victory day, Nafisa the storeroom. Then clothes, funnel with drew a picture of the they all collected a the upper side of liberation war and good number of the plastic bottle, presented it to the poems and pasted paperweight with the them on the mat. This used pens, photo Thana Education Officer. way they made their frames etc. Everyone The Thana Education wall magazine. says that these officer liked it very much Everybody liked their creative works done
and said that we all should work and praised by Raiyan is really them. They said that it praiseworthy. try to be creative like was an excellent
Nafisa. creative work.
Now tell us, in which activities we can be creative? We can keep our reading table, book and exercise book, our own rooms and necessary things tidy nicely.
We can write down the names of the subjects English For Today on the sides of the books and exercise book English Grammar so that we can easily find out our necessary Mathematics Bangladesh and Global Studica book from the heap of books instead of
getting down all of them. Grammar
We can draw margins on all sides of exercise books or papers to write on them, Our exercise books will look more beautiful.
We can make different posters on topics related to our text books and we can decorate our class room with these posters.
Activity: Let us make a list of the creative work (with description of works) each of us can do. We display at least two creative works with description. Stories of some creative persons and their physical labour By this time we have learnt about creativity. In this lesson, we will know about some creative persons. Although every man is more or less creative, there are some people whose creativeness is world famous. Now we will learn about some of those people. Rabindranath Tagore Writing stories or poems is one kind of creativity. Our poet Rabindranath was a Nobel Laureate. He composed many stories, poems, dramas, novels and many songs with the life and minds of people and the nature. He also composed music. Besides, he used to draw pictures. We can see his creativeness in his writings, in his speech, in his selection of words and in the texture of his sentences. Above all in his thoughts on life and philosophy. Shilpachariya Zainul Abedin It was Shilpachariya Zainul Abedin whose creativeness became real through his brushes and paintings. We see the daily lives of people and also go through that life. But we can’t see those daily lives as Zainul Abedin did. It is not possible for everybody to draw properly what they want to draw ignoring other things around. This is possible only for the people who are creative like Zainul Abedin. Thomas Alva Edison
In his childhood, Edison had to be rebuked in the school because he was not doing well in his studies. But later, it was this Edison who became one of the creative men of the century. He has records of more than thousands of innovations. It is he who created electric bulb which makes everything bright even in the darkness of night. Before the largely used electrical instrument such as cassette player,
or CDs were invented, people used to listen to music in the Gramaphone which was invented by Edison. Edison also invented Telegraph. Leonardo De Vinci Leonardo De Vinci, the legendary artist of Italy was born in a village of the city named Vinci which is not very far from Florence. His full name is Leonardo De Ser Piero De Vinci. Monalisa, The last Supper, Madonna are famous among his
works of arts. But this versatile artist is known for his other works too. He was a sculptor, architect, musician, and military equipment artist and the creator of many scientific inventions of the twentieth century. Seeing the flying birds in the sky, he got the idea and made the design of the helicopter. Leonardo made one kind of plastic and camera. He wrote about contact lens and steam engine and also explained why the sky is blue. He could do all these things because of his excellent creativeness. His own life is a charming example of creativeness. Leonardo was always thoughtful for the scientific invention and at the same time he tried to discover the mysteries with observation and experiment. And all these are evident in his writings too. Like a whimsical prince, Leonardo left many of his thoughts written in a disorganized way in his notebooks. If we have a look at the pages of his notebook, we will see a sketch of a face was drawn, or a brief description of how a specific colour can be made or the way how we can be cured of certain diseases just beside the writings of photo science. Group work Prepare a list of some creative minded people (With the description of their works) and present it in the class
Introduction to Physical Labour By the term physical labour, we actually mean manual work. All kinds of manual work are parts of physical labour. Taking part in sports is one kind of physical labour just as walking and movement are.

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