Think about our liberation war. Years after years, the Pakistani rulers deprived us. They enriched their own country with our money and wealth. After that when we demanded our deserving rights, they continued intolerable torture on us which can not be uttered. They suddenly attacked us in the dark of the night on the 25 March 1971. They killed thousands of innocent, unarmed, sleeping people without any reason. We did not accept that brutal torture. We made strong resistance against it. We had neither Picture : Everest Victorious Musa Ibrahim arms nor military training. The indomitable sons of the Bengal, were strong enough by our patriotism and self confidence. So we overcome hundreds of obestacles and at last wecould bring the victory. Have you heard the name of Musa Ibrahim? He climbed up the top of the Mount Everest, the highest peak of the World as the first Bangladeshi. He used to practice hard in climbing up the mountain during his study at the “Institute of Education and Research” in Dhaka University. At the time of climbing up the Everest, he faced some difficulties like the shortage of oxygen and different blems. Several times he was about to die but luckily he survived. In spite of these he did not submit to defeat He neither gave up hope, nor stopped. At last, he perfectly conquered the Everest with his self-confidence. Ferdousy was born in a small town in Bangladesh. From her childhood she had a strong desire to study in the university. So she used to learn her lessons very attentively. When she was studying at school, some rogue boys used to tease her on her way to school. Ferdousy was a brave and self-reliant girl. She made strong protest against it. Terrorists became fer cious and on threw acid on her. As a result she became blind. But nothing could stop her. She continued her study and later on she got admitted herself into University of Dhaka. Her guardians took help of law against terrorists. And two of terrorists got death sentence. Guardians thought over their safety in future and made an organisation taking the youths of the area with them. They have been working with hope that in future no Ferdousi will be the victim of acid throwing. Let Us Become Self Confident Now you tell Activity: Parliamentary Discussion At first, the learners of the class will be divided into two groups. In each group the ratio of boys-girls will be equal. Out of the two groups the first group will be the government party and the second group will be the opposition party. Both sides will select their 2-3 representatives with the help of their teacher. Those representatives will explain the role or position of their party on the issue mentioned below. In this case the teacher will play the role of the honorable speaker. What steps I can take or what role I can play to stop child marriage/ dowry. The teacher will make overall evaluation of their thinking, ideas and speech and he will present the summary in the class. For doing this activity, two class periods will have to be allotted. Concept of Creativity Shantunu reads the children page of a newspaper. A word attracted him very much. The word is ‘creativity. He asked her mother, “Mom, what is creativity? also creativity Mother is right. To make something new, which can be used for any other good work or doing any work afresh is a kind of creativity. For example: The introduction of new process of saving the paddy field from the attack of insects. Creativity lies in everybody. It lies in different ways from person to person; different person has creativity in different subjects. Our hidden creativity is disclosed through our different activities. Sadia dreams that she will introduce something new when she grows up. From now on she makes lots of necessary things using various trashed and left off things around her. She has made a paper weight by melting her old used pens, a pen stand by cutting colorful papers and with an old glass. Hearing all these, teacher told “Sadia is a creative girl”. Ezaz and some of his friends together decided that they would decorate the classroom nicely. So Ejaz and his friends jointly collected several pieces of color papers. Then by cutting those papers they made beautiful flowers, leaves birds. They decorated their classroom by using those flowers, leaves, birds. Hearing all these, the Head Master came to see. He praised a lot for these creative ideas and activities of all, He said to all that we will decorate not only the classroom but also our own home and own reading table. These also carry the identity of our creativity. Have you ever thought how we make new things and how we get the idea of making these new things? In fact we think of different things, issues and incidents around us both consciously and unconsciously. New ideas come up through our thoughts. So if we want to be creative, we have to think about different things around us and have the desire to create something new, beautiful and essential. Creativeness in work Let’s read the following stories Shathi likes poetry Raiyan doesn’t want Nafisa is very good at very much. Once she to trash anything. He drawing. She likes to with some of her always thinks that draw pictures very much. friends decided to many beautiful things she draws pictures of compose a wall can be made with the many things surrounding magazine. First of all, things that we always her. She draws pictures of they took their class trash. This reduces teacher’s advice on misuse. So, Raiyan nature and various designs this matter. Their class as well. Nafisa draws collects many trashed teacher told them to things and tries to designs on the floor for make a wall magazine make different

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