Hard working as a physical labour

Those who pull the rickshaw-Van or push-carts, earn their livelihood through physical labour. They have to take a lot of pains through their physical labour all day long. Their physical labour makes our communication and transportation easy. So, we should be respectful to them. Golden crops are grown because of Continue Reading

Day labour work in society

the marriage ceremonies with the things they with them. He makes or other programmes of got from their flower vases and pen her relatives or her surroundings. The stand etc with the neighbours* house. teacher also told that empty cans of soft Everyone praises her everyone should take drinks and Continue Reading

Creativity in our work

Think about our liberation war. Years after years, the Pakistani rulers deprived us. They enriched their own country with our money and wealth. After that when we demanded our deserving rights, they continued intolerable torture on us which can not be uttered. They suddenly attacked us in the dark of Continue Reading