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then I can do too. Keeping yourself clean and tidy all the time, doing own work by own self well and helping others bear the identity of self-respect. If we do not keep ourselves clean then we will find ourselves untidy. Bad odor comes out from our body through sweat and dirt. Do we feel good if we smell bad odor from others body? People surrounding us also feel unhappy about this. We should respect those who do physical labour. Rickshaw pulling, rowing boats, working in the field etc are all hard works. Our life has become easy as they do all these hard work. We should respect them and serve them after they come back to the house and make suitable arrangement for taking rest. So we will do our own work by ourselves. But without learning we will not do any risky job. We will show respect to others and if possible, help them as much as we can. We will always keep tidy. If we make any mistake while doing any work, we will not feel inferior to learn it from others. There is nothing to be shameful at this. Everyman may not do all work properly. To do work properly, he should learn the work and try to do it again and again. So, we will never lose our self respect and confidence. Story of self-respect: After completing the BSC degree from the University of London, Jagadish Chandra Bashu came back to India and was appointed as a Professor on temporary basis. During that time, English people used to think that Indians were not suitable for teaching science. So Jagadish chandra Bashu was paid two-thirds of the salary got by the English men for the same designation. Moreover, as Jagadish chandra was in temporary position he only got half of the two-third. Disparity between the English and the Indians hurt the self-respect of Jagadish Chandra. He raised protest. Nobody paid attention to this young professor. At last he decided not to take salary at all and he continued his service as professor for three consecutive years. At last, the authority surrendered to his logical right. All dues were paid to him after fixing the salary as equal as an English Professor.
Group work You may find such type of self-respected persons like Jagadish Chandra Bashu around you. Let us make a poster with the stories of such people. Write down a story on self-respect through group work.
[Allocate one class period for this activity] Hang the stories of all groups on wall [Allocate one class period for this activity]

Rakib is giving speech at the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony of the school. His gestures indicate that he is not scared while giving the speech.
In the swimming instruction class Nitu’s instructor says, “You don’t need to be afraid of drowning because you are wearing a life jacket”. Nitu also knows that she is not likely to be drowned. After the lesson finished, the teacher asked in the class, “Can anyone of you come forward and tell us in short what we have read today”? Most of the students raised their hands.
What have you seen in the first picture of Rakib at the top, Nitu in the second picture and what do the students lack who do not raise their hands in the third picture?
Nitu and Rakib had enough self confidence, so they were not afraid of at all. In the third picture some of the students lacked self confidence so they did not raise their hands. They were getting frightened, because they were not confident. Then what do we mean by self confidence? ‘Self’- means one’s own. So, does “self confidence” mean confidence on oneself?
Yes, it is exactly right. Self confidence means confidence and reliance on one’s own knowledge, ability to work or working skill. Those who are aware of their working ability and working skill and who have full confidence and belief on themselves, are indeed self confident.
Let us hear a story – Once there was a man in a country. His name was Habu. He used to eat too much milk with burley. He thought himself as a great wrestler, though he had not enough strength in his body. So he thought one can fly if one has physical strength. So he announced in the whole city that he would fly around jumping from the hill. The foolish Habu did not think at all that one needs wings and also needs to learn how to fly. On the due date he climbed up the hill as usual. Everybody forbade him several times. But he did not listen to them. Habu thought that all were jealous of him as he would become famous. So they were forbidding him. Habu jumped off the hill and then what happened next, he fell down and died.
But Habu’s belief is not self-confidence rather it is over confidence or wrong belief. Self confidence means first to make oneself aware of one’s own belief or self-reliance and then build that self confidence.
Activity: In an exercise book each learner will write down on which things he/she is confident and will present it in the class. Let us learn the stories of some self-confident persons and become self-condident
Many people think that self-confidence is the master key to success in life. We cannot succeed in life if we are not self-confident. We may face many obstacles in the course of our life. But, those who are self-confident enough do not easily
give up their hopes. They keep struggling till they reach their destination. Whatever the obstacle is nothing can stop them. Those who have no self-confidence give up their hopes and admit defeat easily and they accept their defeat

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