Pleasure at work
Many of us get pleasure in doing work. It is necessary to be strong in creative thoughts to be successful in works. Generally applying physical and intellectual labour, we have to complete the work. Self respect is increased through the works. Now we shall try to gain the idea of self-respect, self-confidence, creativity, physical and intellectual laboure
• give you idea of self-respect, self-confidence, creativity and physical and
intellectual labour.
• identify the field of self-respect, self-confidence and creativity. Concept of self-respect You may hear the conversation around you – ‘Mr. Karim is a person of self-respect. What does the word ‘self-respect’ actually mean? By breaking down the word we will find, ‘self’ means own and ‘respect means honour. Then does the word ‘self-respect mean “respect towards own?” Let us try to realize from the following events: Situation-1: Nitu is a college going student. Everyone likes her because of her good behavior. She helps her mother in household work. Her mother says, ‘You don’t need to help me. I will do it by my own’ Nitu replies, “You all inspire and love me so much, help me in my studies, I must do something for you. I know there is no shame in doing work rather it increases our respect.” Mother becomes very happy at Nitu’s sense of self-respect. She says, “we really need such self-respected girls.”
Situation-2: Aziz is a talented student. In his early childhood, he lost his left leg in an accident, now he moves using crutch. He always stands first in his school examinations. He got A+ in the primary completion examination. When he was admitted into a new school, everyone was charmed at his good behavior. His 7 result was very good. One day, during Tiffin break, the all that students in the class asked him, whether he feels sorrow or not about his lost leg? How is he doing so well in the examination? Aziz replied to them, “So what? In my house, everyone loves me so much and help me in those work which I can’t. At first, I felt sad but now I feel like everyone.” Situation-3 : Taposh reads in a secondary school. He never dishonors anyone, nor uses any abusive word. He never quarrels with others even if there is a difference in opinion. He believes that others may have different kinds of thoughts. One day, his classmate Shagor says that he likes Anis sir’s teaching method very much. But, Anik says that Anis sir speaks very fast and that is why he finds it difficult to understand his lecture. When they are about to quarrel on this matters then Taposh says that “Each of you have expressed your own opinion and you have also the right of it. Instead of quarrelling you can respect each other’s opinion, isn’t it? From a book I have come to know that those who respect themselves also respect others.” What can we learn from the above mentioned situation? We can learn from the above situation, a self respected man –
• Performs his or her own duty properly; never feels shy to do any legal
• A self-respected man respects his or her own capacity and capability though
he or she has physical and intellectual limitation.
• Shows respect to other’s opinion. Some people think, self respect is respect for one’s own self and also to be aware of his self-identity as a human being. Again, some others think, self respect means being conscious about one’s own surroundings and own passions and behave accordingly. Feeling shy to do any unfair work, behaving humanly with others, and thinking positively and something innovative etc. carry the identity of self respect. Expression of good taste, which is acceptable to all, is also the sign of self respect. Group Work Make groups of 4/5 students and write down an incident on Self Respect|| from your own experience and describe it. Self Respect & story of Self Respect at work Honor is gained only through work. Our self-dignity is also expressed through work. Do following activities indicate the identity of self-respect or not? Write Yes/No for your answer.
Sohel likes to do his own work.
When Fatema’s parents scold her, she tries to find out cause of scolding and correct herself.
When Mili goes to school, their maid- servant carries her school bag. Roma doesn’t speak in a very loud voice, she thinks it may disturb others. Shirin brings her homework everyday, because as a student she thinks it is her duty. In the evening when Mahmud’s father comes home back pulling the rickshaw, all day long, he passes food and water to him and cleans his rickshaw. Mother washes Shuvo’s dirty cloths.
Now, let us evaluate our thoughts. Sohel likes to do his own works. He shows as a reason that the wise always depends on own self and foolish always depends on others. So, doing our work on our own is an identity of self-respect. From now on, like Sohel, all of us will try to do our own work. As human being, we should have feeling of shame. We feel shame for unfair deeds. So, if Fatema is scolded by her parents for her misconduct, she feels guilty, She respects her parents desires and obey their opinions. Such behaviours of Fatema are the indentity of self-respect. If we talk in a high-pitched voice, then people around us may feel disturbed. A self-respected person never conducts any work that is troublesome to others. So, Ruma’s speaking in a low voice indicates her consciousness about self-respect. Shirin is very much careful about self-respect. Besides this, she is a respectful to do her duty and obey the rules of school

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