Everyone advises to become a good software engineer to become a good programmer, but students have to face the most problems, then how will they be? Because no one tells the way. As someone wants to be a good programmer, many people say that more practice coding. But a student can not understand how to practice more coding. Then it is not practiced either.

In the case of computational programming, there are some guidelines available. For example, there are many websites where there are hundreds or thousands of problems, students who are trying to make themselves. If you do not have any problems then you can take help of others. Then there are many competitions every month, where participants can be tested themselves. Ratings show that there is no position in comparison to others. Therefore, compatibel programming is fun by the students of our country, and those who participate here can greatly increase their programming skills compared to others.

But the question is half competitive programming, because it is not all and software engineers need more, so students are more concerned about their work and carrier. After being self-confident, it is surprising that there is such a lack of proper guidance in this country. I want to give some guidance today. But this is not very easy. Because there are many ways to become a good software engineer. If God wants to get up in the morning, then one can find himself as a good software engineer, and anyone can spend his life under my guidance. Then, working in the opposite direction can lead to many successes. Because a destination can be reached in thousands of destinations. All the paths are the right path if it gives you the floor. And printing my guidance will not be of any benefit if you roam in a pocket, then its proper application is completely up to you, and it can not be used multiple times even after getting directions because it is not applicable. is.

Let’s start …

I will start with character traits because it is very important but we do not bother about it in our country.

If you are a good software engineer to become a programmer then you have to be very diligent and patient. It has been a long time in the job that I had to work with many presses at the office all night. Or have to return home many nights. Rather than discussing whether it is right or wrong, it will come forward to know the reality of our lives. Patience is not enough to code in hours, or to work with a solution of something. Little mind will not get distracted. My patience was already in God’s favor, so I can not give you any suggestions on how to increase it. You can take help of others in this regard. And if you love programming and this profession then patience will be very easy. All my time passion and computer programming were. This is the pressure of this profession so I do not get involved in it. It is not too bad to take more pressure than before. If coding does not look good on you, you might think that it is for you. Just do not like to work. You have to enjoy your work, otherwise if you do not have any pressure then you will go to the press.

You will see that you want to do a lot in university life, but can not take the time, it always looks back, classes, assignments, tests are not giving you time to slow down. That’s why management is very important. You need to decide on a plan and how to study. You do not want Physics + A + +, it’s a sad matter for the physical sciences. So do not ask the sir to say this but you have to have a plan of your own. Getting points in the exam and acquiring knowledge are different things. To get a mark is only a little bit of education. But all topics are important. Basic of these would be useful in some way. I would just say that there is a big difference between A + A + and you can understand a subject very well, but you have to give a lot of labor to get + A +. If you see that if you want it from physics, then programming will give you more work, but this is your opinion. I do not want to take responsibility for these things. I shared some tricks

You have to save a lot of time. Chatting with friends, watching movies, staying on Facebook, walking, playing games, etc waste a lot of time in Physics + A + Power. So if you do not reduce them, you will never have time to do classes, assignments and other tests. One of my sar said, “I do not see the drama of TV, if my life is dramatic one day, then people will see the drama of my life.”

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