Today is the day of May Day, this day is celebrated as a Labor Day.

But the purpose is to celebrate one day? off course not. We forget that the real purpose is to apply the education of that day on its own. But how much do we do?

Since I am associated with the software industry and I have been working in different companies for many years, I would like to write some of my experiences about how the working environment of the software company should be.

But the biggest thing, we should understand what we do, how they do it. How can we take the software industry forward, we will especially focus on how the software company can be successful.

I usually try to highlight that original image, but undoubtedly it will not be true for everyone, it is normal. That is why I want to say that the writing on which I write, it can match the status of many companies, which we meet all but do not apply to them.

an incident,

Rafiq is drinking tea in his room and wondering what to do. Yesterday all the programmers of his office left the job without any notice. As far as he knows, he has gone to all other new companies. Now he will do, how to handle the project, how to explain the client, how to find the programmer soon, he thinks. Think more about unpopular people, how ungrateful they are. A notice should be given before the job, and the company or how bad it is that all employees of another company are removed once. If people leave jobs only for more than Rs 5000, then how do they do business and think?

On the other hand, an active worker of Rafiq, Ashik is laughing at the new office and is smiling in the previous office with the colleagues. I think he is happy today. Overwhelmed by earning better earnings, new jobs in the good office, and revenge of the previous office. The end of the angry anger of the past is a successful end.

Sitting on the other side of the day is talking about those days. There was nothing to say about life. We had to go to the office at 10 o’clock at night, returning home at 11 o’clock or later. Sometimes the office also has to wait. Even during the days of Ramadan he had to work like this.

Still, the boss never got sympathy, most of his luck was, and his fate was. Often called during the holidays during the office. The government did not have many holidays, even for Eid holidays many times had to be locked. Homework and Emergency standby were the most annoying to stop the Eid The day of the peaceful Eid has not passed. It seems that he has saved himself from wages.

Apart from this there were many more annoying things. Listening to another work in a work that you learn to learn new things. Office Polytex was also there. He has suggested many good things to apply in the office, they have not been implemented yet. There was no system in the work and there was no plan.

And the last words of all words will not be paid on time. The salary given at the beginning of the month was given at the end of the month. Talent with Eid Bonus, he breathed a little bit thinking that at least they should not face these things.

The above image can not be simultaneously in all companies, for many, some things may happen. All of these have been summarized here, but there may be a lot of things out there. Please tell me in comments. But the incidents that I have highlighted have happened in at least one company and I know that many people are in many companies.

Here I present the ideas of both the owner and worker on both sides. I have worked in the software company myself and I am running a software company myself, so it’s not my intention to bias against anyone. I think this is an old disorder of our software company and due to this our software industry is getting many losses. So I know the purpose of this writing that we can understand the harmful aspect and we can all move happily together with happiness.

Human resources and raw materials are very important for a business. Based on both of these, a product is produced and its quality depends on it. The interesting thing is that both of these software developers are actually software developers (I’m getting network engineers, graphic designers and others in it).

When a programmer leaves a company, then he lags behind that company. The new one has to start working and understand everything from beginning to end. Misunderstandings, time is wasted. That’s why its goal should be that unless an employee is in the company.Complaint of whistle programmers in our country is heard continuously. In this case, the owners are seen as the cause of the nonprofit programmer. That is why many owners feel that the law should be made in the country. Many people want to sign a bond for recruitment, many people want to redress one month’s salary. But is it possible to find the right solution by doing this?In my opinion, the solution to this problem can be as follows-1) Working long hours can not be considered the main motto of the company’s success. In the software industry, if you delete 1000 lines of code all day after day, then delete it with a click, the result is zero. Therefore, doing more work here can not be carried forward, if necessary, learn the formula for doing the right thing in a short time.I have seen in several companies that the office has to stay 12 to 13 hours, but in fact the work is of 4 hours, while the other employees pretend to work. When such mentality works, there is no doubt that it is working properly for 4 hours. If there is no honesty in the work, then making good software is unusual.2) Payment should be done at the right time. Before the sweating of the worker’s sweat, the instructions of Islam for its payment. Therefore, we should understand that expecting it to succeed, on the contrary, nothing is wrong. Losing a worker is just a matter of time. As long as she is not getting a job anywhere, you are here Because all are paid only for the job. If it is not correct, it is meaningless to rent it.3) Generate awareness and team spirit in the workers. Why an employee will be in your company, it is important for the company and how important it is to achieve its objectives. They have to give a vision or vision so that they can understand what the company wants to do in the future, should walk in some direction. And each team member should be a partner with this vision so that they can also think about how companies can reach their goals, give them feedback. It will allow all employees to combine themselves with the company’s ideology and increase their responsibilities towards the company.4) Create a learning environment. Employees should understand that they should learn and continue themselves. There is no need to sit in the office, but sometimes the office staff can arrange training. It will make employees skilled. In the meantime, the company will be more profitable.5) It is very important to treat the workers well. If someone is wrong or wrong, then it will be professionally presented to him. By doing so, he may feel neglected. Bad behavior does not work. It only reacts with the opposite. Everyone wants to work with respect. Respect for others is respect.6) The system should be used. Most companies are facing the question of implementing the above points, if I do so then the work will be done or the result of the vacant employees is happy. Actually everything works, but you have to work like a system. Follow the rules for making software, use the tools so that everything is under your control. And if it does not work, then nothing will work. Today or tomorrow, the company will not be successful.) Employees should have an accurate assessment. There are always some skilled people in the company who work better than others. If they have the responsibility of the company, then they should be properly evaluated, otherwise they will be forced to leave the company. With this assessment, you can develop others as role models. However, keep in mind that the measurement criteria should not be kept in the office for a long time.8) The mindset of the employee should be checked at the time of appointment. Just look how much the person knows how much work the person will be interested in doing his job in your company. If someone wants to work only for wages in your company, then if he gets more salary, then why will not he leave your company? Many employees may not have the mentality of your company culture, so to save them from the temptation to hire them for less salary and more skills.I think, many of these tasks which can be done very easily, there will be many stability between the workers. We think many times, that these big companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook can do. This is actually 100% wrong. We should remember that they were very young one day and they have come into today’s era by implementing these things. And those who did not want to or did not want to do it, they lost (but had to stay with Business Idea and Plan). Actual words can also be applied to a team of 5 people, and the result is this.

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