Long time ago, I was working in a software company. The day was going well, soon after going for double promotion, I became Tim Timothy, the work was going well. There was a colleague (his name is not in the form of aka – lotus). Lotus brothers are very funny people, everyone laughs and others laugh too. I still have a joke which I have heard. But he did not get much profit in the job. I saw their main problem skills. Meanwhile, some offices have been dropped for efficiency. Kamal brothers were better than those who were kept out of the journey, but they were given the opportunity to prove themselves.

I tried to explain it to her for several days that if she spends while laughing like this then she will be in danger. I said, why are not you learning new things? If you need help I will help you. But you work hard and do good practice. It seems he did not take my things for a long time. On the contrary, he is already trying a lot. I tried to explain briefly and conceded defeat. Can not help by anyone …

After a few months, I came to know that Kamal Bhai has been abandoned. The mind felt bad, but knew that it would be I made up my mind to work again, I forgot one thing at a time. After working in several companies, I started my own business. In a few days all was well It was 2 years to see …

One day, I was withdrawing money from the bank’s ATM machine, when I met Kamal Bhai. I saw a dirty face and said, what’s the matter. He said, my brother is not my job, give me a job. I heard from the sky and said, have I lost my job again? He said – Where, after leaving me, I did not get the job. Now I’m more surprised. I could not understand how this is possible. The worst thing I can do, not anywhere else, a job can be anywhere in two years, it was my idea. I was surprised, he said that even after giving a CV to many places no one would call him in the interview. I said it definitely – then you may have problems with your CV, because if you did not get a job with the interview, then I knew that there is a lack of skill, but you are not calling in the interview. I told him, one works – email me your civility, I see it. I said no one will give you a job, you have to solve the problem in advance. Two years without a job, now it is not more than 6 months, but if you solve it, it will not be so. He agreed on the condition that I will mention the companies I am familiar with. I realized that he is still not paying attention to improving his mistake. Anyway, he left my email and phone number. I stayed in his cicaracy. But he did not email me, I forgot his words.

Two more years later he called me. They said that they still have not got a job and the situation has worsened. He said that he has now sent me a CV, I will examine him and will soon be working for him. I could not explain that I would not be able to give any job like this. Because my client does not believe it. Anyway, after checking the CV, I realized that he was running a lot, he did not know the new things. So I emailed him a guide to learn some questions and something. He got very disappointed to get my email and said he would not get help from this. I was feeling a bit upset at this level and I thought I was worth it.

Two years later, he called me back and told me that he answered my question and he wanted to meet me. I showed her email and said that the office will come. But I realized that he wanted to take me for some jobs now, so I warned him that there is no such possibility. Whatever the light came, the light of the eyes was missing, the darkness of the state was now in front of the whole smile. They told me many sorrows, even I told them that if you had listened to me earlier then today you will not see this day. He said that his confidence has broken so much that he does not want to learn anything. Sometimes I want to commit suicide. I understood it for two hours that I do not think so. I said, I will try a lot for him, but if you do not listen to me, then I have nothing to do. He went frustrated with me After two years, no talks were held with him. I do not know where you are

This is a true fact. And what can we learn from this incident, which programmers neglect to learn, waste time, what happens to them. It is not that it is a human story, by the same mistake thousands of programmers are destroying their lives. When they get a job, they get rid of it. Forget about the importance of improving yourself. And forget about the work that is not available in this line, the only assistant to the skills. Thus, the programmers of our country did not destroy life, so I shared this phenomenon

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