We often think that if some other developers use it, then the project will be completed in time and it will be possible to complete the deadline. But this is really wrong. New will be added, they will waste a lot of time to understand and understand the project. And at this time he has started inventing the main developers of the project to learn various things. Basically they can not do anything themselves, but those who are working will slow down their work. So in the end additional people will not need any work.

But if it is understood that people will need more people than before, then it should be remembered that the increase in the number of people will increase the system’s losses. 5 people can complete one task within 10 months, but can not complete within 10 5 months. It can take 6-7 months or more.

8) Do not rubbish about the boss or the client for teammates.

We often chat with teammates with bombs or clients, laugh and comment on them. This can obviously be a joke. But day-to-day they are becoming dark and can create hostile views towards the owner and the customer. This will take you away from your peers’ goals. Would not want to work, will create annoyance, the whole team will not have anything to say about the team spirit.

Remember, we often do not understand the problems of others in our situation. If we concentrate on our work and achieve success after success with our own skills, then we will start focusing on the boss and the client team, and everything will be better gradually if we are boss or Not very careful about the client’s job. Remember that success and money can change everything.

9) Do not waste much time in the beginning of the project.

We ended up in the final project, and we kept a bit closer to the new project. In the beginning everything started slowly. We are going to work very well and we are keeping them very slow. Then when there was a lot of pressure then I ran again. That’s why we have to stay on the run all the time.

At the beginning of the project, we have to do everything very quickly. You should try to improve the previous mistakes and how to work in advance, but it does not take much time to do so. Otherwise, we will be forced to come under pressure again and work on the contrary.

10) Do not keep working on the last day.

We always think that we have time for our time limit. It’s really wrong. You can not say that there can not be any major mistake on the last day. Therefore, it is necessary to finish work with enough time in hand. If you have to do extra work, or change the deadline, it will be done in advance. It is not right to expect that this work will be done in the last days. Those who live in the hope of the last day, they can never do this.

11) Regular small demo days without a large demo.

We make a big mistake, after finishing so much work and then going to show a big demo. Especially in the case of the first demo this is more. But then many things can not work. And many things in our work may be wrong. A better idea is to show a short demo after a few days. If there is any mistake in our understanding then it will be caught beforehand and we have to work hard to fix it. And it is a matter of great stress to be prepared by testing large demos. So if you give a small demo then you are more likely to meet the target on time.

12) Always keep integrity in accepting your mistake.

People are just wrong. If you make mistakes, it’s normal to hear some hoaxes. But sometimes we are so scared of accepting our mistakes that we try to hide it by lying. But is that really possible? If possible, one day it will be caught, and then a major problem can arise.

Especially if we say lies, then the customer will understand it and then we will think of them as a liar. Most of the time the client does not understand it, but we think that he did not understand anything. But in reality he understands everything, but does not say anything but rather keeps on doubting how we can increase our surveillance. This makes it very difficult for both parties to work.

But intellect is required to accept the wrong. If necessary, consult the experience. Keep in mind that the client is not uncomfortable. How would you make the mistake a lot easier, plan?

13) Agreement with the customer regarding the sacking.

When I go on vacation, when the office closes, so that the customer is as clean as water. The client who received my email and accepted my leave should be fully sure about it. Often, you can not read your email due to customer eligibility. In that situation, there will be a danger in the holidays. Either you have to work in the holidays, otherwise the customer will be unhappy and in danger. So make sure that the client has been informed about your leave. But if your office boss wants to take this responsibility, leave it on him. However, it is wise to not hide it.

14) First check the client’s email in the morning.

Since our time with clients is very high, so in the morning we will read all the client emails first. You may not find the client later and your whole day gets worse or you waste a wrong time. Maybe the client has emailed at night and said that we will not work tomorrow, in that case, after emailing, your entire work will be useless. And maybe for some reason you have resorted to some lies. That’s why we have to avoid them.

Best wishes for all successful careers.

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