We make software for foreign buyers in most of our country’s software companies. To do this, we have to contact the client regularly. These communication skills can sometimes differentiate between success and failure. Experience here is very important. Therefore, I have shared some things with the experience of my past for new people so that we can avoid some common mistakes-

1) If the customer gives a link or credential (login / username / password), then immediately check to make sure it is working.

Many times I myself and my team members are troubled by this problem. Customers and our time zones are different. When we work, when the night for the customer and our night Therefore, there is very little time for our contact with the client. Normally, when the customer sends us a new link or logs in information, then we are engaged in coding, it seems that the work is not finished, then it will be checked and seen. In fact, we are not sure what will happen when the customer has sent it? Unknowingly, we do not consider everything right. Especially during the time limit, it is more, checking the information sent by the customer in the workforce, obtaining less importance than terminating the work.

But the problem is that when the customer goes to sleep, and when we finish the work and upload the project, then we see that the information sent is wrong. Often this can not be the customer’s own fault. For example, we might need some special permissions on the host, which has not been provided. Then we have to stop and stop working. And wait for the customer When our office closes, the client comes. There is no other way than to finish the night to finish the work. Some people might say that this is a customer’s fault. In fact, the fact is that the client’s mistake will not be treated as such that we would be mistaken for why we did not know why and why we did not. It takes 2 minutes to check it, it was a day for us to check it. The client can not be fooled for this, but it can be a big problem. For example, on that day the client is going to any event with that software, now what? Remember, the client’s problem is always to remember our problems, otherwise we will not be successful in this work.

2) Do not make any commitment to satisfy the customer.

If the customer is always able to do everything, today it will take. This is true for all major customers. In fact, we all live a lot in this world competition. The customer has to come into the market as soon as possible with his business ideas. The problem is that we often face pressure to please the customer, and we promise that we will build it. But later we can not keep that word. But we do not think about the next. We immediately agreed to please the customer.

The problem is, when we can not talk later, the customer can not talk to others. We do not see or know because of our promise to break the promise of many people. It has many bitter relations and mischief, which is very harmful. Later, the client continues to question our promises and we will not even like to hear it. Therefore, this mistake should be saved earlier.

3) Do not let the customer excuse the country’s problems or your personal problems.

Many times we do not understand, while talking to the client, we make the country smaller. We raise our country’s problems in such a way that they are friends of our school. But through this, we bring a horror picture of our country to them. Indeed, this client is afraid to work in our country, or will reduce money to think about risk. The customer will again say to his acquaintances that in order to spread the spread, it will present a bad picture of our country to foreign customers and our market will be ruined. And market waste is the problem for all of us.

I am sorry with my problems, it works a lot. If you have any problems, you have to tell it in advance. If you break a promise, you can not forgive it. As you are sick, inform before that day that you can not work today. But many people try to get back the deadline because they are sick on the deadline. Any intelligent customer can understand it and then its attitude towards you will worsen. All your words will start to disbelieve.

8) Regarding the repetition of the entire project instead of the customer, ask details.

This is the job of small customers who need more for them. Most customers can not hire a consulting company to create a recurrence document because the budget is low. It is also difficult for them to be well prepared for themselves. What can you do, you can tell him a rough draft. Then you will find out the mistakes and intervals by asking various questions. You will then edit the recurrence document more accurately and show that everything is fine.

But we want to avoid liability because many of us have not provided the client recurrence document as an excuse for making mistakes in making our software. Remember, if you can not work, excuse is not really any benefit to anyone.

5) Be sure to target the customer by focusing on additional labor to achieve the impossible goal.

Many times we go through work and feel that we can not really finish the work on time. In this case, what we do starts working day and night, I do not say anything to the client. But in the end, when I could not finish the end, I told the customer on daylight that we could not finish. It’s really very bad. By doing so, we actually drop the customer into the water.

We should always tell the client that our goals will not be achieved. In it the client will have enough time to plan. And our belief in our words will grow.

6) Do not be afraid to ask the customer.

We do not ask the client most of the time, we keep doing the same things we think. One of the reasons we do not ask in the past. Whenever it seems that the customer can now get angry over the question or think that I have made all the mistakes that I have made all the time, then I have done the same thing which I had asked without question. Finally, when the customer sees that we did not furnish the goods according to his expectations, he became angry.

To avoid such misunderstanding, the customer will always have to know the details. When you ask questions, you have to ask questions wisely, so that the client can understand the question properly and what you want to know can easily be known. Many times we do not know what to ask after asking many questions, because we do not ask questions, so the client is disturbed. But the problem here was that we did not ask questions. But, therefore, it does not have to be asked to ask questions.

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