Teens use apps to keep secrets?

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Teenagers using ‘secret’ mobile apps to hide things from parents

The use of secret mobile apps by teenagers to cover texts, pictures associated videos is turning into an increasing cause for concern for fogeys yet as officers, in line with basic principle News.Louisiana resident Kristin Pinsonat, WHO caught her sixteen-year-old son victimization the app aforementioned, “I was appalled to seek out that Anthony had put in the associated app to cover files. They can do something they need, and it’s all locked with a passcode.”

Mobile app launched to trace out-of-school kids

Adults will keep their kids from victimization such apps by turning off their ability to put in apps while not parental approval. The problem with these apps is that they enable children to cover their cyber-lives from their folks, and sometimes the things they are hiding can harm them

You’ve probably heard of apps such as Snapchat that erase data within a certain timeframe of receiving or sending it. Messages and photos disappear without a trace within minutes of being created. However, there’s another type of app that doesn’t remove data, but merely hides it. These so-called hidden apps are designed to mask the data that’s stored on the phone. You can only see what’s in them if you know they’re there and how to access them.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Like a secret door that leads to a hidden passageway, hidden apps are apps that look innocuous but are actually used to hide pictures and messages that teens do not want their parents to see. While virtually any app can be hidden, photo vault apps that contain pictures and videos are the most commonly used apps for this purpose — and they’re not as safe as the teens using them may think.

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